Hasan Endes Antalya

Say Hello to the Deep Blue

We are waiting to show you the amazing underwater world throughout the year with the magnificent view of Antalya. In this unique region the water temperature drops to a minimum of 18 degrees C even in the winter, you can explore historical shipwrecks, underwater museums and caves. Sea turtles, magnificent groupers and many other sea creatures can be observed in the area.

Our Services

Try Scuba

Discover the underwater world, even if you have never dived before.

Diving Courses

Take a step into the professional world of diving.

Snorkeling Courses

If you decide not to dive you can benefit from our snorkeling training.

Night Dive

Experience the night dive when you can see the underwater creatures that do not come out during the day.

Deep Diving

If you are an advanced diver, we can explore shipwrecks and biodiversity together.

Cave Diving

You can explore the nearby caves and their biodiversity.

Wreck Diving

Discover wreck diving and stories behind the shipwrecks.

Reef Diving

Discover the natural reefs and the beauty of the wall dive.

Our Team

Cihan Uygun

Diving Assistant

Hasan Endes

Founder, Diving Instructor

Melih Kaan Hoca

Diving Instructor